Let's talk meats.

If you're interested in sponsoring Meat Fight, or you have questions about our event, please don't hesitate to email us. Go meat!

Sponsors & questions: celeste@meatfight.com

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Meat Fight Board of Directors

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Alice Laussade, CEO

Alice is a James Beard Award-winning writer, and is also known as The Mother of Meat Fight.

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Mike Laussade, General Counsel

Mike writes meat contracts by day and is a two-time winner of Meat Fight's pulled pork category (2010, 2011). To discuss meat contracts and properly resting your meats, email mlaussade@jw.com

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Mike Casey, VP of Operations

Celeste Casey, VP of Industry Relations

Mike Casey is the Vice President of Operations and leads the event planning and volunteer wrangling of Meat Fight's Bike MS Team. For information about volunteering with Meat Fight or the Bike MS event, email mikecasey@meatfight.com.

Celeste Casey is the Vice President of Industry Relations, and she also co-leads planning of Meat Fight's Bike MS Team events. For information about sponsoring Meat Fight events, email celeste@meatfight.com.

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Heather McRae, VP of Meat Bike

Heather helps facilitate the entire Meat Bike process from start to finish, and she will eat an entire trough from Pecan Lodge if you dare her to.

If you have interest in the Meat Bike program, email heather@meatfight.com!