Meat Fight, Inc. is built to benefit the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and people living with MS.

Our mission is to make the lives of those living with MS brighter, and ultimately, to find a cure for MS.

At this time, we are a completely volunteer-run organization. Nobody takes a salary for the work they do for Meat Fight, not even our CEO.

The dollars that Meat Fight, Inc raises are put to work towards our mission in two ways:

1) Supporting the National MS Society. We make restricted donations to the
The National MS Society that go directly towards funding research to find a cure for Multiple Sclerosis.

2) Supporting endurance training as a lifestyle for people who have MS, as research is showing that regular cardio can help reduce symptoms. We have created two programs for endurance training:

Meat Bike gives road bikes to people who have MS and then, our bike team rides with them in multiple BikeMS events across the country. To date, we have given 82 Meat Bikes! We have more folks on the wait list for bikes, and we are constantly raising funds to keep this fantastic program flourishing.

Project 13 encourages people with MS to take on endurance feats they never thought possible. This April, we have athletes competing in the Galveston Half IronMan!

Check out our
Facebook page to see updates on our Meat Bikers and Project 13ers!

Want to help? Make a donation to Meat Fight, Inc. (a registered 501c3), by clicking the "donate" button now!
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who we are
Alice Laussade, CEO
Alice is a James Beard Award-winning writer, and is also known as The Mother of Meat Fight.

Mike Laussade, General Counsel
Mike writes meat contracts by day and is a 2-time winner of Meat Fight's pulled pork category (2010, 2011).

Mike Cox, CFO
Mike's ribs won the blue ribbon at Blues, Bandits & BBQ's 2013. He also is a master of meat financials.

Photography by: Nicholas McWhirter, Anne Marie Pfeiffer, Cecily Johnson, Robert Strickland, Catherine Downes
contact us
Questions about Meat Fight?
Meat Fight benefits the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Our mission is to make the lives of those living with MS brighter, and ultimately, to find a cure for MS.

Meat FIght donates 100% of base ticket price (before service fees) directly to the National MS Society and programs that support those living with MS (Including our original Meat Fight Meat Bike program, which gives bikes to those living with MS.)