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Meat Fight Endurance Labs is built to break down barriers for people living with multiple sclerosis. Our original programming provides the tools necessary for recipients to compete in epic endurance events.

Regular cardio improves the lives of those living with multiple sclerosis, and we have seen that putting an endurance event on your calendar creates the longterm goal that can boost someone into a regular cardio regimen in a fun way.

We keep it simple: It costs $1,000 to support someone living with MS in our programs.

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Meat Bike:

$1,000 buys a bike, shoes, helmet and everything a person needs to get on the road towards their first 2-day, 150-mile Bike MS event with our team. To date, we have given 91 bikes to people living with MS, thanks to your donations.

Dallas Marathon:

$1,000 supports a recipient with training, entry fees, and gear to take them from walking the dog around the block to running 26.2 miles in December. This year, Meat Fight will support 13 athletes in the Dallas Marathon, thanks to your donations.

Project 13:

$1,000 supports a recipient with training, entry fees and gear on their mission to defeat the 70.3 Ironman in Galveston. To date, Meat Fight has supported 9 athletes in this lovely endeavor thanks to your donations.

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